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Editor's Notes

Ellen K. Wondra

Christopher Beeley and Joseph Britton, both of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University, have undertaken in this issue the much-needed task of looking at leadership from a theological perspective. It belongs to them to introduce the topic. Here, I would like simply to thank them for being the guest editors for this issue--for shaping the topic, finding appropriate authors, editing the essays, writing the introduction, and the many, many other things that take place between the conception of a good idea and its fruition in print. I also want to thank David Gortner for writing the book review article also included here.

As Beeley and Britton realize, the topic of leadership in the church is one that must be examined regularly as the church always seeks to speak the gospel clearly in its various times and contexts. Yet it is very difficult to say something fresh about the topic. So this issue of the ATR reinvigorates the discussion and invites further conversation. The invitation will be taken up in future issues.

The 2008 meeting of the ATR Board gave us an opportunity not only to look after the journal’s well-being, but also to hear reflections on the Lambeth Conference from Bishops Joe Burnett, Jeffrey Lee, and Tom Breidenthal, who then led us in thinking about how the ATR might best serve the church at this time. Our new President, Newland Smith, also convened a panel of four librarians--Jeffrey Garrett, Northwestern University Library; James Dunkly, School of Theology of the University of the South; Beth Shepherd, United Library; and Christine Wenderoth, JKM Library--who spoke about the desirability and the challenge of online publication. The Board has been considering for a number of years ATR’s use of new technologies. Following the presentation, we decided to begin making content available via the ATR website beginning in early 2009. I invite you to visit the ATR website (, where you will find downloadable files of already published articles on opening the communion table, on confirmation, and on theological education, along with the essay by Richard Norris and responses to it from the Summer 2008 issue. We hope you will find good use for this material, and will pass it along to colleagues and friends alike.

ATR Board meetings are also the occasion for recognizing the contributions of Board members past and present. We noted this year the death in September of the Rev. Deacon Frances Zelinsky, long-time Treasurer of the ATR and a strong and dedicated leader in the movement to restore and renew the diaconate in the Episcopal Church. We recognized and gave thanks for four Board members whose terms have expired. Rozanne Elder, Henry Hudson, Timothy Sedgwick, and Frank Senn have each served the ATR Board in many ways, working on editorial matters, reorganization, and marketing and development, as well as participating in the general oversight of the journal. Tim served not only as President over the last three years; he also led the Task Force efforts that have guided our reorganization over the last several years. The journal is stronger and healthier because each of these people has been on the Board, and we are grateful to them for their time, energy, thoughtfulness, and dedication. We will miss their presence at Board meetings, but are confident that they will continue to support the journal and encourage its growth.

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