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"Fourth" Guessing the Spirit: Critical Reflections on Contemporary Global Anglicanism from an Indigenous Laywoman

Jenny Plane Te Paa

The worship and interactions of the 2006 General Convention showed the simple commonality of Anglicans’ shared faith, at a time when the Episcopal Church in the US and the Anglican Church of Canada consented to withdraw their representatives from some functions in the Anglican Consultative Council. The Episcopal Church has responded to the Anglican Communion with humility and grace even though these responses have meant exclusion and marginalization. The Episcopal Church’s current situation in the Anglican Communion is one with which indigenous people feel great empathy. This suggests that it is time for Anglicans to rethink how they understand differences in identity. It is time now to re-vision how we collectively use the distinctive gifts, skills, and resources of the various peoples in the Anglican Communion to strengthen the household of faith. It is time to establish a common holy-ground coalition of inclusive Anglicans in order to find a way toward the beloved community, where all may belong and none dominate.

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