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Wounded in Common Mission, Called to Common Conversion: The Spiritual Basis of Communion

Christopher Wells

The Windsor Report quickly gathered authority as a normative text for Anglican ecclesiology because it focused on the catholicity without which claims to Anglican “communion” seem implausible and untenable. In turn, the unfolding “Windsor Process” can be understood as occasioning a renewed Anglican scrutiny of the Church’s apostolicity, that is, the original or evangelical basis for covenanted life together. On the latter count especially, Anglicans now have an opportunity to seize more surely a spirituality of communion, founded in the exemplary sacrifice of Christ on the cross and ordered toward visible reconciliation for the sake of mission. Our reflected experience of the ecumenical movement serves as a perpetual school of virtue in this regard, enjoining repentance as a grace of mutually-subjected love that may heal the wounds of division between Anglicans and in the wider body of the Church.

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