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The Final Judgment: Sunrise of
Christ's Liberating Justice

Jurgen Moltmann

Our lives are shaped in part by our expectations for the future--our hope and our anxieties. In the current US context, the pursuit of happiness, anxiety, and the will to power together stimulate apocalyptic fantasies and an accompanying friend-foe mentality in politics and religion. Many believe that judgment rests either with a wrathful God or with each human being. But final judgment rests in the hands of Christ, the crucified and risen conqueror and victor over sin, death, and hell. The justice Christ will wield at the end is the same as the justice he proclaimed in his preaching: God’s creative justice which brings the victims justice and puts the perpetrators right. This justice does not consign some to heaven and others to hell. Rather, it opens into the “life of the world to come” in which all is reconciled with God. Christians may anticipate this new creation even while living in an unjust, hostile, and divided world, by taking sides with the poor, the weak, and the victims of violence.

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