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Mary and Scripture: A Response to Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ

Frederick Borsch

The place of Mary, mother of Jesus, in teaching and devotion has, to phrase it gently, been given different emphases in Anglicanism and by Anglicans and Roman Catholics. The recent Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statement on Mary offers the opportunity for “a re-reception by Anglicans and Roman Catholics of doctrine about Mary and . . . points to the possibility of further reconciliation, in which issues concerning doctrine and devotion to Mary need no longer be seen as communion dividing, or an obstacle in a new stage of growth into visible koinonia” (para. 80). First written as an invited Anglican response to assist the Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission in the USA (ARCUSA) in reflecting on the document, this study offers a dialogue between the scriptural texts about Mary and the development of Marian teaching and devotion.

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