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Editor's Notes

Charles Hefling

It belongs to ATR Associate Editor Ellen Wondra to introduce the important collection of essays on the Windsor Report to which this issue is devoted. Here, three "notes" of a broader sort are in order: a thank-you, a farewell, and a welcome.

First, thanks. In this, the final issue of another volume of the ATR, we have listed, as we always do, the names of people and parishes whose generosity has made it possible to publish the journal. They do it in many ways--by contributing to the Annual Fund, the Seminaries Abroad Gift Program, and the Overseas Subscription Fund, by underwriting special issues such as this one, by joining the company of our Supporting and Sustaining Parishes and Dioceses. Some are new. Some have been donors for years. Without them there would be no ATR, for our income from subscriptions falls far below the cost of publishing. Every reader has reason to be grateful for the part they play, and on behalf of everyone they have benefited, we thank them all most cordially.

Next, farewell. The ATR has long maintained a tradition of excellent book-reviewing. It is a most important part of our mission, and readers regularly say that this is the first section of the Review they turn to when a new issue arrives. The meticulous, judicious work needed to provide a hundred reviews a year goes on mostly behind the scenes, where for the last three years it has been in the capable hands of William Harrison, who has also represented the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad on the ATR Board of Trustees. Bill is leaving the College for Keremeos, British Columbia, where his wife Rita has been appointed the priest in a three-point ecumenical parish. He will be taking some sabbath time, and pursuing some writing projects. It would be difficult to praise his work as Book Review Editor more highly than it deserves, and those of us who have worked with him most closely will miss his imperturbable good humor and complete reliability. We wish him and his family Godspeed.

And finally, welcome--to William Carroll, Junior Fellow in Systematic Theology at the School of Theology of the University of the South. A systematic and historical theologican, Bill will officially assume the duties of Book Review Editor beginning with the next volume. In fact, he has already begun to assume them, and we look forward to his participation in the life and work of the ATR.

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