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Freedom and Covenant: The Miltonian Analogy Transfigured

Ephraim Radner

This essay draws positive attention to the Windsor Report's "Proposed Anglican Covenant." The primates' February 2005 Communique commended the proposal in general, and asked that steps be taken quickly by the Archbishop of Canterbury to have it considered by provinces before Lambeth 2008. The Covenant is a critical, even essential piece through which "autonomy in Communion" can be lived. For U.S. Episcopalians, the Covenant--even in its proposed particulars--may well prove the best means of maintaining the proper tension and balance between two often competing values at the heart of our Christian identity. The goal is to lay out these two values--the "Miltonian" and "prelatical" commitments of ECUSA--and then ask if the Covenant is not a clearly effective way of granting these elements a constructive life together.

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