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Renewing the Anglican Moral Vision: What Called to Common Mission Offers Anglican Moral Theology

William J. Danaher, Jr.

Called to Common Mission provides the opportunity to reexamine Anglican moral theology. In addition to encouraging ecumenical accounts of the moral life, familiarity with Lutheran theology and ethics helps Anglicans rediscover theologians within their own tradition who deviated from the typical Anglican emphases, thus enabling constructive possibilities to emerge. One such theologian is Joseph Hall (1574-1656), author of A Treatise of Christ Mystical (1647). Hall engages with characteristic themes in Lutheran theology, particularly the believer's acceptance of simul justus et peccator and the theology of the cross. For Hall, the proper theological starting-point is our union with Christ in the economy of salvation, from which he develops a correlative account of the church as Christ's mystical body. Hall construes the moral life in terms of Christ's prior work of love on the cross. Hall anticipates and supports Rowan Williams's recent proposals concerning the foundation and direction of moral theology.

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