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The Changeless, the Changeable, and the Changing: Thoughts on the Future of Anglicanism(s)

Grant LeMarquand

Anglicanism has long been a communion containing within itself a diversity of theological opinions and various worship styles, which have often been characterized as "parties." In recent years diversity has been stretched to the breaking point, such that many groups of "Anglicans" have felt unable to continue to participate in the Communion. Cultural diversity has also emerged as Anglicanism has moved beyond being an "English" church and has taken root in various parts of the globe. This essay explores what might still be held to be "changeless," what needs to change, and what is acually changing in the way Anglicanism is expressed, especially in the non-Western world. The author expresses the hope that Western Anglicans can begin to learn from their non-Western neighbors.

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