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What is the Unchanging Principle? A Discussion of the Eucharistic Ordo in Anglicanism

J. Barrington Bates

In these times of threatened schism, perhaps it would be wise for the church to examine the basis of its unity, rather than the causes of division. In the worldwide Anglican Communion, a great diversity of liturgical texts, theological viewpoints, and styles of churchmanship are represented. Is there nevertheless an unchanging principle that undergirds the liturgy of the eucharist for Anglicans? This essay seeks to foster a conversation about the eucharistic ordo in Anglicanism. A discussion of the ordo may help remind us that an integral part of our purpose as church is to engage in Christ's mission of reconciliation in the world. This is indeed the very calling of the church, its essential leitourgia, the sacrament by which it becomes what it already is.

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