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The Eucharistic Materials in Enriching Our Worship 1: A Consideration of its Trinitarian Theology

Matthew S. C. Olver


Enriching Our Worship 1 (1998) provides official supplemental liturgical texts for the Rite II services of Morning and Evening Prayer, the Litany, and the Holy Eucharist in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. The materials can be used either as a substitution for as much or as little of the Prayer Book services as one desires, or as a complete rite. One of the guiding principles of Enriching Our Worship 1 is to use only non-gendered language for God. This essay considers the eucharistic portions of Enriching Our Worship 1 from the perspective of trinitarian theology and proceeds in three stages: I begin with an outline of the specific revisions of Enriching Our Worship 1 to the 1979 BCP Rite II for the Holy Eucharist; second, I ask what sort of trinitarian theology Enriching Our Worship 1 expresses; finally, I consider the principles that guide these revisions and offer a critical assessment of the sources used to buttress these principles.

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