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"The Hell You Say": Salvation and the Final Judgment

Grant LeMarquand


The doctrine of soteriology implies some view of eschatology. If we are to be saved, from what are we to be saved? The traditional answer is that those who are not saved have Hell as their destiny. There is, of course, a spectrum of views on the nature of Hell. Those who see no need for humans to be saved, or those who believe that all people will be saved, see no reason to believe in Hell. Those who hold that not all are saved still have differences of opinion about the nature of the final destiny of the lost. Among evangelical and conservative Anglicans two views have been held. John Stott, among others, held that the biblical imagery of Hell should lead us to believe that Hell means annihilation, or non-existence. J. I. Packer believes that the traditional view of Hell as conscious eternal torment better fits the biblical evidence.

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