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Ethics from the Other Side: Postcolonial, Lay, and Feminist Contributions to Anglican Ethics

Libby Gibson


As part of the series of articles on Anglican contributions to ethics, this essay points to some of the counter-narratives to historical abuses of power that are offered by postcolonial, lay, and feminist scholars. To do this, we must be willing to live in the wounds caused by colonialism, sexism, heterosexism, and clericalism in order that all people can tell their experiences and help us cultivate ears to hear the truths of other people’s experiences. This essay argues that the unique contributions of postcolonial, lay, and feminist scholars to Anglican ethics have been to create space for the voices of people who have been marginalized and oppressed to tell their own stories, and with hearts of justice and compassion to call those in dominant cultural positions to cultivate ears to hear and respond to the cries that we hear. This transformative power of telling and listening to stories participates in a process of “narrative repair” that reaches into the past in order to help us imagine a new future.

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